Automatic Emailing from Microsoft Excel via Outlook

Email a collection of separate ranges in the body of an Outlook message

A useful feature of the Automator Excel Add-in is the ability to combine several ranges into a new sheet and then email this. The video shows an example of data from a "new employee" form being combined and sent to the Finance department.

Create lists of data in Excel and send an email for every row at once

The video shows an example of emailing weekly sales commissions to each person in a company's sales force. There are many useful applications for this: from invoicing multiple clients to sending out brochures

Email a collection of Excel sheets as a PDF attachment

This can be used as part of an automation file containing several steps, where you want the data to be sent as a PDF report. The video example shows a new employee form being sent

Send multiple emails at once through Word from an Excel list

This is useful if you need to send a neatly formatted message for each Excel row