Automate Your Repetitive Excel Work

Drag Excel functionality into a list that can be run at any time reducing hours of MS Office work to seconds.

Integrated Microsoft Office Solutions

Examples of hour savers include: aggregating actual sales data from multiple spreadsheets into one Budget vs Actuals master sheet;  emailing multiple recipients from an Excel list; and merging data from Excel to Word/PDF/Outlook.

Go Home Earlier

If you are not automating your repetitive tasks in Excel, Outlook, Word, Access and other Microsoft Office applications then you are missing out on hours of free time. Excel macros/VBA can be used for this but they are far more complicated than our software.


Avoid Human Error

Our software will ensure consistency and data integrity. Typing errors will be avoided completely and numeric calculations done 100% correctly.

Advantages over Excel macros/VBA

Our software uses a graphical interface with drag and drop functionality rather than the confusing code present in Excel macros/VBA. Editing macro code requires a VBA savvy coder. Our system can be  edited by an entry level Excel user.

SQL/Azure Database Connectivity

The Excel Automator Add-in works effeciently with cloud and network databases. Most of the time spent on creating reports is usually on neatening up data loaded from a database into Excel. Our system employs dynamic functionality to pull data from a database, neaten it up and then send the results out all as part of thesame automation file.